Memorial to Monty

Memorial to Monty D Kaufman

February 22, 1953 to August 29, 2014

It's hard to find words to describe Monty's brilliant, creative personality, so I'll share a story that captures the spirit I loved.

It was our first date and Monty insisted upon picking me up in Rye. When I approached his car, I saw what I thought was a teddy bear sitting on his steering wheel. But in true Monty fashion, he had brought a fuzzy brown puppy along for the ride, all the way from his home in Weston. For many, this would have been strange. And it certainly was! But for me - an owner of 5 dogs at the time - I knew I had met someone with whom I shared something special.

It was our shared love for dogs that enabled us to build a business and share a dream. We opened Puppies of Westport, which has now been around for 8 years, bringing love and smiles into homes of thousands of our customers. We changed many lives, as Monty changed mine.

Monty, your passion, your strength, your zealous personality and your endless drive should serve as an inspiration to us all.

I will love you forever.

Lauren Meren Kaufman

Monty D Kaufman